The world may not know it yet but there’s a book inside you, waiting to be released. Our mission? To help you set it free.



Is your unfinished dream of self-publishing your book eating you up inside?

In your daily work, meeting new people is typical. However, what never ceases to amaze you is how, funnily enough, 80% of your conversations end up including some form of the following remark: 

“No one ever talks about the things you do. You should publish a book!”

Whether it is a brilliant idea, a training system, or a proprietary methodology, people always seem to be telling you how much your work has helped or inspired them. 

And not to brag but, deep down, you know they’re right. After all, you’ve seen the results. You’ve witnessed countless transformations and you know that your methods work, no questions asked. 

And this is why you (secretly?) think that your clients are indeed right. You do have a message to share with the world. If you could package your expertise and create a book, you know you would be providing a great service to the world.

But how on earth do you write a book, let alone self-publish it? 

That’s the million-dollar question! 

When you think about your book project, do you feel…

    • Absolutely overwhelmed by the very idea of writing? Quite frankly, sentence-building intimidates you. 
    • Clueless regarding your book’s topic or the basic structure of it? 
    • Afraid of what others may think about you if you decide to become an author?
    • Swamped by all the self-publishing options that exist nowadays? You have no idea what’s best. 
    • Unsure if writing (and self-publishing) a book will benefit your business? (And how, obviously.)
    • Afraid of getting scammed by an unscrupulous vanity press? 
    • Wary of investing good money in the self-publishing process without ever seeing a solid ROI? 

We get it. The book publishing journey is complex but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

How would you feel if you had a team of professionals guiding you through every step of the book creation process from idea conception and writing through to printing, distribution, and, of course, marketing?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re all about!

3 ferns books is the place where the love of books meets professional creation services. 

We are a self-publishing boutique studio led by Leesa Ellis, a professional self-publishing mentor with 25+ years of experience in the publishing & design industries. 

Although our headquarters are based in Dunedin, New Zealand, we work with clients from all over the USA and Canada. 

We help coaches & consultants from the health, wellness & personal development industries to conceive, write, design, publish and market their transformative non-fiction books. 

Unlike independent contractors, who only cover one or two aspects of your book project (whether editing, proofreading, design, or marketing), 3 ferns books is a genuine one-stop-shop for non-fiction, self-publishing projects. 

When they work with us, our clients get:

    • Full and comprehensive support from Leesa, from Day One of onboarding and even AFTER the book is launched.
    • A 100% professional final product. Our team of artisans carefully takes your project through every step of the book production process. We edit, design, format, and proofread the best book possible. 
    • A personalized and realistic marketing plan to help bring sales and increase positioning.
    • High-quality physical copies if the author wishes to have a print edition. 
    • Personalized customer service. 
    • The reassurance that we will do our absolute utmost to help you bring a beautiful book into the world. 

The self-publishing industry is constantly adapting and there’s so much noise out there. This is why we will always strive to provide a smooth publishing experience. If you onboard with us, you’ll never run in circles again, trying to “figure out” stuff. 

Overwhelm will become a thing of the past.

That is our promise to you.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Leesa Ellis, self-publishing mentor.

Woman in a blue floral dress and glasses
  • My passion for all things books has been a constant force throughout my 25+ years of experience in the industry. I absolutely love my work, it’s my Ikigai and what makes me leap out of bed every morning.
  • Early in my career, I worked for a literary & fine arts publishing house based in Christchurch, New Zealand where I had the privilege of working with incredible Kiwi artists and poets. 
  • My heart breaks every time I hear the horror stories that clients and friends have had with vanity presses and all types of unprofessional contractors. I can’t stand scammers and soulless individuals who prey on a prospective author’s dreams. I’m a helper by nature and this is why 3 ferns books are all about support and encouragement. 
  • I’m obsessed with cute things! Pretty flowers, fuzzy kittens and cuddly puppies, nice stationery – you name it. I use this eye for beauty in my client’s projects.
  • I believe in the power of integrity, diligence, compassion, and a good dose of humor. I apply these values to everything that I do. 
  • I love tropical fruits (pineapple and lychees are the best!) and the ocean (my backyard has a view!).
  • I’m also an avid card reader. Fun fact about me: I’m a Diana Cooper Angel Teacher but I no longer provide professional services (I’m completely devoted to my client’s books!).

Meet the 3 ferns books Team



Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

“Classicist, philosopher, and avid book lover turned copywriter and marketing strategist based in Montreal. I’m absolutely in love with all things fluffy or book-related. I believe in the life-changing powers of a data-driven marketing campaign and a fierce brand voice.”



Book Coach & Senior Editor

“My name is Hannah Wolfram, and I’m an editor and book coach. My job is to help authors go from idea to manuscript, so I’ve had experience with clients who are at the exact same place that you are.”



Graphic & Book Cover Designer

“Hi! I am Tamara, a freelance Creative Designer with over 15 years of design. experience. Currently I reside in Jacksonville, Florida. I am married and I am the mother of two sons. I love all things creative. My first creative love is graphic design followed closely by writing, sewing, and photography.”

What our clients say

…I couldn't have been luckier to have Leesa on my side…

As a first-time author, I couldn’t have been luckier to have Leesa on my side to help me through the process! She was a clear guide throughout the entire process of preparing my manuscript, creating a perfect cover, formatting, and publishing.

She stepped me carefully through the world of self-publishing in a way that empowered me to succeed and feel confident about launching my first novel. In fact, the process was so incredibly smooth and supportive that I’ve chosen her to guide me through publishing the sequel, as well!

Expect Leesa to deliver the highest levels of professional care, with great attention to detail and artistic skill. I give her the highest of recommendations.

Author of In Sleep You Know: A Story of the Eleriannan

You were the perfect candidate.

The book speaks for itself, that you have the knowledge to do this.  I looked for a person with book manuscript experience to put mine on the computer.

You had worked in the publisher world, you were the perfect candidate. You had experience with all facets needed, to publish a book and you did a sterling job.

I would recommend you to everyone, who needed your service, regarding book publishing.

Author of Best of Life

I couldn't be happier that I found Leesa.

I couldn’t be happier that I found Leesa. I wanted to self-publish my first book, but I was completely stalled. I had finished my manuscript and I wasn’t sure where to go from there.

With Leesa’s guidance, I have made major decisions on format, price, cover, marketing, and most importantly, who I wanted to publish with. She has kept me on track with deadlines and Zoom calls.

Because of her extensive knowledge, she helped take the worry out of the publishing process. I am once again enjoying working towards taking my writing from a manuscript to a physical book.

Author of The Rise of Kate: Book 1 of The Saga of Kate and Molly

Highlights of the Portfolio

Tennis Elbow Relief

Written by Emma Green, The Tennis Elbow Queen.

Tennis Elbow Relief

Written by Emma Green, The Tennis Elbow Queen.

Nourish Your Body

Written by Renata Trebing, intuitive nutritionist.

Nourish Your Body

Written by Renata Trebing, intuitive nutritionist.

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