Tennis Elbow Relief

by Emma Green

This was Emma’s first book. It’s a workshop-in-a-book that teaches you how to heal the extremely painful and debilitating condition called Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) with specific physical therapy exercises and lifestyle changes. Emma is known as The Tennis Elbow Queen – this subject is her wheelhouse. We designed a template that was feminine and clean without being too ‘girly’. A little bit of glitter artwork inside made it shine and the bling-blingy cover really brought it all together. This is a book written by a medical professional so there were footnotes and a bibliography as well – all needing to be correctly formatted as per academic standards. This book went to #1 New Release in its Category on Amazon which was the cherry on the cupcake for Emma. One very happy client and one life-changing book!



Tennis Elbow Relief Interior
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